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Sequel Rulebook

The perfect alternative to the spreadsheet

Pricing, underwriting and distribution, for even the most complex classes of business. Rulebook is an award-winning platform for the specialty insurance market, with a unique combination of a powerful rules engine and an underwriting and broking desktop, helping you to see the full picture.

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Key benefits

How can Sequel Rulebook work for you?

  1. Award-winning platform for the specialty insurance market

    Dynamic rules engine capable of embracing pricing models across all major classes of business.

  2. Compliance and control around technical pricing

    As well as the ability to quickly and easily change pricing methodology dependent on market conditions.

  3. Reduced risk through product consistency, internal controls and governance

    Improved compliance and governance, ensuring adherence to regulatory bodies and underwriting guidelines.

  4. Improve efficiency and speed to market

    Build products once in Rulebook but use the same raters to have multiple sales channels.

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Insurance industry needs to build tracks for a digital future

Insurers have been told that they need to “build the rail tracks” of digital channel delivery if they are to meet the needs of the brokers and clients of the future.

Verisk lays out client-centric vision for Sequel Rulebook

More than 50 London Market practitioners gathered at HQ to hear our vision for Sequel Rulebook, putting user experience and interoperability centre stage.

Now is the time to think about digital rating

Providing better data and transparency to your stakeholders makes you a better partner. By speaking the same digital language, we can all make the world a smaller, cheaper, faster place to do business.