Sequel Re

See one platform that covers every outwards reinsurance scenario with flexibility, power and accuracy. Real-time, web-based workflows for every ceded reinsurance scenario. From the simplest proportional facultative policy to the most complex excess of loss policy, Sequel Re handles everything with ease.

See real-time management of outwards reinsurance

Calculate your recoveries with unprecedented accuracy, and manage the entire reinsurance process with confidence. Sequel's reinsurance software allows you to take a deeper look into your reinsurance transactions.

Benefits to you

  • Proactive reinsurance workflow system
  • Flexible and powerful coverage rule and limit calculation engine
  • Standalone web front-end
  • Automated Premium cession, adjustment, and reinstatement processing

Tech specs

Technology built to last

We offer innovative, service orientated solutions, built on proven technology and leveraging the power and convenience of the cloud.

Our solutions can be delivered stand alone or integrated into your existing portfolio in a robust and scalable manner using our standard APIs.

Managed services

Let us take care of it for you

All our applications are delivered via our cloud based managed service.

Offering a secure and scalable solution, we manage the maintenance and upgrading of the environment you need to run your Sequel applications, leaving you to concentrate on simply growing your business.

Ready to see your reinsurance management in real time?

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