Sequel Broking

From placement and billing to claims management and technical accounting, we let you see the complete picture. Catering to both SME and large enterprise, we have solutions tailored to the needs of insurance and reinsurance brokers operating across the Lloyd’s, companies and international (re)insurance markets.

Broking for Enterprise

Providing flexible document production, configurable workflows and fast, real-time access to management information, Sequel Broking enables our clients to integrate processes, management information and compliance across their whole business. 

Sequel Broking allows you to manage complex risks including vertical placement and subscription business, with heightened operational efficiency, rigorous credit control and financial management.

Broking for SME

NOVUS is a highly cost-effective management and production solution provided by Morning Data, now a part of Verisk Specialty Business Solutions. 

Highly scalable, with no hidden costs and a wealth of innovative functionality, NOVUS will grow with your business. 

As the need to hold more detailed data increases, so has NOVUS capacity to handle a variety of classes including MRC V3 and CDR V3.2.

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