Whitespace Platform launches Digital Follow!

Blog -- 02 May 2024

Author: Reid Stanway, Chief Digital Officer

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I’m enormously pleased that we were able to announce Digital Follow today (see the press release here).

But what exactly is Digital Follow? Digital Follow allows underwriters using the Whitespace Platform to automate follow lines at the quote or firm order stage, streamlining a follow underwriter’s workflow or entirely eliminating the need for an underwriter to review a risk; driving efficiency, and enabling growth.

At its core, Digital Follow comprises of three separate forms of business automation, each of which can be licensed individually or as a package: Auto Decline/Auto Review, Auto Quote and Auto Stamp (Auto Bind). In support of Digital Follow, Whitespace has built Appetite Matching which will analyse individual risks and notify brokers inside Whitespace, when an insurer has appetite to write that risk.

And the best part? It is all about simplicity. Digital Follow offers users of Whitespace a straightforward, self-service experience. Think of it like a Whitespace app store: it is as simple as picking and choosing the tools you need and getting started right away.

The future of Digital Follow holds even more promise. With customers already requesting to integrate aggregates and exposure monitoring systems, as well as integrate data sets for data augmentation, we are poised to continue revolutionising the way businesses approach Smart Follow. And while the technical jargon may abound behind the scenes, we remain committed to keeping things simple and user-friendly.

In essence, Digital Follow isn't just a feature—it's a game-changer. It's about empowering users to take control of their workflows, drive growth, and unlock new growth opportunities with ease. Being able to provide a solution that further streamlines the way people intuitively use our Whitespace platform is what Verisk is in the market to do. I’m confident that Digital Follow and Appetite Matching will quickly prove a huge asset to brokers and underwriters, and that they will see it as a meaningful step forward in the realm of digital placement innovation.

by Reid Stanway, Chief Digital Officer