Unlocking the Power of Data & Analytics for Insurance: Insights from our event

Events -- 23 June 2023

Author: Marketing

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The future is truly digital and it’s powered by data & analytics.

In the fast-paced world of insurance, where data reigns supreme, staying ahead of the competition requires leveraging the full potential of data and analytics. This was the focal point of the insightful event, "Unlocking the Power of Data & Analytics for Insurance," where industry leaders came together to explore innovative solutions and market trends.

The presentation began with market insights shared by Ben Bolton of Gracechurch, setting the stage for a deeper exploration of data analytics. The spotlight then turned to the Analytical Solution Group at Verisk Specialty Business Solutions, showcasing our suite of cutting-edge solutions, including Sequel Data Analytics, Sequel Impact, EEM, and Sequel.ai, which collectively enable insurance organisations to harness the true potential of their data.

Central to the discussion was the recognition of the critical data challenges faced by organisations today, where our Data Analytics solution offers a comprehensive approach to address these challenges. By consolidating data from various sources into a centralised data model with meticulous transactional history tracking, Verisk Specialty Business Solutions provides organisations with a reliable single source for reporting and analytics. Moreover, this secure hosted environment facilitates specialised modules that surface data for dashboarding, general ledger exports, and regulatory reporting, ensuring efficient and compliant operations.

The event continued with immersive demonstrations that showcased the practical application of the Data Analytics solution. Attendees witnessed the power of dashboarding, Excel pivots, trial balance, and regulatory reporting, all driven by the same core dataset. This demonstration underscored the versatility and adaptability of the solution, catering to diverse organizational needs and empowering stakeholders across the board.

In closing, the event offered a glimpse into the future of Verisk Specialty Business Solutions Data Analytics. Attendees were presented with the vision of the Strategic Data Layer, Sequel AI, and Augmented UW, highlighting the ongoing innovation and commitment to driving transformative change within the insurance industry. By embracing these emerging technologies and fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making, insurance organisations can unlock new opportunities, enhance operational efficiency, and gain a competitive edge.

As the event concluded, participants were left inspired and equipped with a fresh perspective on the potential of data analytics. The power to harness data for strategic insights, operational excellence, and customer-centric innovation is within reach. With Verisk Specialty Business Solutions' Data Analytics solution leading the way, the insurance industry is poised to navigate the complexities of tomorrow with confidence and foresight.

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