Introducing Auto Decline

News -- 12 June 2024

Author: Marketing

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The Power of Auto Decline

Imagine never having to see irrelevant risks again. Our Auto Review solution assesses risks in seconds and refers only the complex risks which need an Underwriter's attention. If a risk is out of appetite, Auto Decline will instantly inform the broker, freeing up the underwriter's time to focus on the complex risks that Auto Refer passes on for their expertise.

Underwriter productivity

Triaging rules are set based on risk location, currency, limits, etc. to automate the evaluation of a risk. Auto Decline will decline a risk straight back to the broker if it is outside appetite, helping to focus the underwriter on areas of a risk that may need more attention.

Trading efficiency

Brokers will be able to place risks quicker and provide a better service to clients. This leads to better retention and reputation, driving growth. Underwriters will have more free time to focus on the risks they want to write, improving their results through better risk selection.

Portfolio analysis

Processing more risks means more management information (MI) that can be used to refine underwriting and broking placement strategies. This portfolio data can be used quarterly or annually to benchmark and improve upon risk appetite. 

Auto Decline is a component of our Digital Follow solution.