Dimensional data analytics means market-leading business intelligence

The future is truly digital and it's powered by Sequel Data Analytics.

Combining business automation with AI and machine-learning capabilities, you can harness your competitive advantage and drive true ROI.

Out of the box data management, governance and MI solutions, gives you instant access to insights and business analysis
and supports London & Company Market insurers' operational and performance reporting requirements.

EVENT: Unlocking the power of data & analytics for insurance

The future is truly digital and it’s powered by data & analytics.

From the most basic descriptive and diagnostic analytics through to advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics, the use of data & analytics in the insurance market is enabling transformational change, efficiency and cost-saving.

We held a live demo session on the 24th May to demonstrate how Sequel Data Analytics is driving ROI and competitive advantage for our clients. If you missed out, you can book an individual session with our experts:

Introducing the Data Maturity Assessment

Are you held back by legacy systems and manual, disparate processes?

Our experts in Data Analytics have developed a tool to help you discover where your organisation sits on the data maturity curve.
Using a few simple questions, the tool will assess your position across key areas including:

  • Data management
  • Data sources
  • Portfolio & regulatory reporting
  • Finance & actuarial processes
  • Analytics

The assessment tool will determine your current position. We'll then highlight what's next on your unique digital journey
and be in touch with more detailed insights based on your results.

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Data and analytics – The art of the possible

Getting clarity with data intelligence

Key benefits

How can Data Analytics work for you?

  1. Centralised enterprise portfolio management

    Delivering a Profit & Loss against plan for every policy, underwriting, broker and business unit

  2. Cost savings and consistency

    Through the automation of business processes

  3. Automation of detailed inwards & outwards data

    Relevant to nearly all business roles and processes across the organisation

  4. Single source of truth

    With a repeatable business model

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